Learn and play : 5 tips to learn faster.

Number 2
We can focus and use the Pomodoro Technique to learn quickly. It’ll be important to commit your full focus and attention when you’re researching and practicing your skill. These days that’s easier said than done. Thanks to our short attention spans and constantly buzzing devices to help you stay focused. You can start using the Pomodoro Technique which consists of shutting down all external distractions and fully focusing on the task for short period of time usually 20 to 25 minutes and then taking a short break of one to five minutes. You can learn coding from scratch in four months by using this principle. Your daily schedule could be 12 Commodore sessions, each spending around 25 minutes of focus State and five minutes of rest and after every four sessions. It would take a longer break. The Pomodoro Technique produces amazing results because our brain is more receptive to new information when we’re focused when you look at it, it’s basically common sense more focused in steeper connections.

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