How to reshape your decoration creating your own style ?

The purpose of this article is to share with you my thought process and my tips that  have for putting my home together to give me my unique style and so I hope you can find this helpful and let’s jump right in.

Number 1

It is to stay away from buying sets. I don’t like buying furniture sets like going in the furniture store and seeing a table and four chairs and buying it because it doesn’t represent my style. I think if you kind of make yourself put together your sets it brings up at a feel for your home and makes it more individualized to you and so here’s an example of my kitchen kind of table and what I did was I bought the table from Pier Import. I love the table and I could have bought the four chairs that went with it but when I put it in my home it would have might have looked like my neighbors who went to the same store and so what I did was just limited myself to getting the table and forcing myself to find the chairs. Then when I found these two linen chairs I fell in love with the scriptures.

But again I could have bought four of these chairs and it would have been not still too matchy-matchy and so I only got two of them forcing myself to get again find another piece to coordinate with it to bring my set together. This is in the end a set that I put together not one that I was sold on in the furniture store and to me it is my style it brings in the look that I love and it’s something that I put together and it feels cozy, it feels like my home, it feels warm.  I encourage you to do so, don’t buy the sofa and the love seat in the matching chair, buy the sofa and then go somewhere else and buy your chair and buy your own love seat from a different place. But then,  coordinate it together and bring it all together to get a look that you put together. Not one that you were sold on from a furniture store.

Number 2

It is important to be very selective with your working things like that we can tend to be sucked into going into Target and Ross and bind these kind of pre-made art and putting it on the wall and your neighbor may have it or whatever the case may be and again it’s not individualized to you. Instead, I encourage you to buy your frames from different places like the top frame. Here I got from Michael’s years ago the bottom I got from a discount store somewhere but I took out the artwork and I just used the frame and I went to my local bookstore and for discount in the bargain section found the artist that I liked and then use the pages of that book to frame to make the artwork for my wall because it’s something I loved. It’s my style and I put it together. Then it makes your home feel like more of you because you actually did it you weren’t sold on it from kind of buying a grouping in a store and actually it’s cheaper to do this.

Number 3

Watch your scale you know sometimes we can be sucked into buying something because of the price but then when we put it in our home it doesn’t look good you know we all love the dollar store we all love you know going finding inexpensive home accessories but if you buy that small kind of vase but you put it on the table and it looks so small scale to the table it takes away from the look and does it truly represent you just like this candle here I knew I needed a larger scale candle here for this space for it to give me the look that fits me and represents me you know I could easily got a dollar store candle and put it there like I did here but look it just takes it down the scale and it’s not my style and it just really takes away from the look even putting it on this candle holder here it still is not the same impact so I’m careful with that especially with lamps and things and accessories like this lamp is cute but it’s too small for this table it takes the style down a notch because the scale is all wrong and I may have paid less money for this lamp but in the end if it doesn’t give me the look in the field that feels comfy for me my home it’s not going to work for me by putt in  this larger-scale lamp that I love on here it’s my style it’s what I love and the scale is appropriate so when I’m sitting there the lighting is actually in the right place for me to read my book you know and you know yes I might have paid twenty dollars for this lamp versus ten but over the years I love it more.

 Number 4

 Combine high end with low end. We all love shopping in Pier One and targeting places like that but I say get some really high end items but at an affordable price go to estate sales and buy some real silver candelabras. EXCI and Ebay great places to find people are getting rid of some beautiful expensive high-end pieces and then combine them with those pieces that you get from Target or Walmart or Pier One. In the end the unified look is better like these candelabras two are from low-end places and two are very high in candelabras but putting them together they all coordinate and so the same here this is a nice bowl very expensive Bowl but I only paid $16 off Etsy and it is next to some items that I got very inexpensive from Ross or TJ Maxx years ago.

Number 5

I am so particular with picking lamps, I don’t think you should buy lamps and sets with anything. You should buy them very carefully when you look at your lamp make sure it’s something you love. It has a beautiful shape to it. It’s really a unique piece that fits your style you know and again make sure everything is your style because you want your home to feel like you and so sometimes we can get sucked into going to Target and they have those kind of standard lamps that you know or kind of boring but it’s only you know $10 whereas you can just pay an extra $5 and go to somewhere else in and find something that’s truly a artwork in a beautiful piece. You know so every lamp in your home should be different to me I don’t think you should buy sets of lamps. I say buy them individually and make sure they’re beautiful and catch them on sale you know just take your time with ur accessories,

I hope you all have enjoyed me sharing my tips for how to kind of keep your home from looking like the standard if you have any questions please let me know in the comment.



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