How to set your table

Tips to set your table beautifully


Have you already helped lay the table and ask you where to place forks? Or do you already sit to eat in a restaurant and you are asked which utensils to use?
Well, here are some simple and traditional advice on the label of the way to lay the table.

To start with, use a place mat or a tablecloth, but not both, so that dishes are not directly on the table. It is more a question of appearance than of label, but it is rare to see nothing under a plate unless you eat on a table of picnic. Arrange flowers, candlesticks, or other decorations which you want. Candles are generally only lit at night.

Knives, forks and spoons
Take the utensils for the main course, putting the fork on the left and the table knife on the right side as these are the hands with which we use them.
Here’s a helpful tip: you always eat from the outside to the inside.
To dress for the salad, let’s put the salad fork on the outside of the table fork and the salad knife on the outside of the table knife.
We will first eat the salad and then our main course.
Note, too, that the knife blades are both pointing towards the plate. This is an old tradition that comes from a time when the knives were sharp enough, and it was a sign of politeness and non-aggression not to point them to other guests. We could have soup, and since the soup usually comes first, the soup spoon is on the outside of the knives since we use our right hand to hold it.
Here’s another tip: only set the table with what you need.
If you do not eat soup, do not put soup spoon. Now, for dessert, we’ll have ice cream so we’ll put the dessert on top. Since we will not need it for a little while.
Note that the spoon of the spoon points to the left. That way, when it’s time to eat, just slip it down and it’s in the right place. If you had a cake, you would put a fork and turn it 180 degrees to point to the right.


The plate

Then we will anchor our disposition with the plate.
You can also serve in the kitchen and then bring them to the table.
The bread plate goes to the top left of the layout,
and the butter knife goes on the plate diagonally, again with the blade inward.
There is only one place left, and that’s for drinks.


The glasses

Put the glass of wine on the top right, and then place the glass of water on the left a little higher. They go from left to right in alphabetical order.
Another tip: to remember left and right for bread and drinks, think of P-A-E as the Ensemble P.
Your bread plate is on the left; A, your plate, is in the middle, and E, your water, is on the right.


The napkins

Finally, the towel will traditionally left the forks, although it is also ok to put it below, for a more chic meal like this one that takes up a lot of space, we will put it in the middle.

We are now ready to eat.
I hope these tips will help you
the next time you’re asked to help set the table
or take part in a classy meal.
Enjoy your meal !


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