How to set your table

Tips to set your table beautifully


Have you already helped lay the table and ask you where to place forks? Or do you already sit to eat in a restaurant and you are asked which utensils to use?
Well, here are some simple and traditional advice on the label of the way to lay the table.

To start with, use a place mat or a tablecloth, but not both, so that dishes are not directly on the table. It is more a question of appearance than of label, but it is rare to see nothing under a plate unless you eat on a table of picnic. Arrange flowers, candlesticks, or other decorations which you want. Candles are generally only lit at night.

Knives, forks and spoons
Take the utensils for the main course, putting the fork on the left and the table knife on the right side as these are the hands with which we use them.
Here’s a helpful tip: you always eat from the outside to the inside.
To dress for the salad, let’s put the salad fork on the outside of the table fork and the salad knife on the outside of the table knife.
We will first eat the salad and then our main course.
Note, too, that the knife blades are both pointing towards the plate. This is an old tradition that comes from a time when the knives were sharp enough, and it was a sign of politeness and non-aggression not to point them to other guests. We could have soup, and since the soup usually comes first, the soup spoon is on the outside of the knives since we use our right hand to hold it.
Here’s another tip: only set the table with what you need.
If you do not eat soup, do not put soup spoon. Now, for dessert, we’ll have ice cream so we’ll put the dessert on top. Since we will not need it for a little while.
Note that the spoon of the spoon points to the left. That way, when it’s time to eat, just slip it down and it’s in the right place. If you had a cake, you would put a fork and turn it 180 degrees to point to the right.


The plate

Then we will anchor our disposition with the plate.
You can also serve in the kitchen and then bring them to the table.
The bread plate goes to the top left of the layout,
and the butter knife goes on the plate diagonally, again with the blade inward.
There is only one place left, and that’s for drinks.


The glasses

Put the glass of wine on the top right, and then place the glass of water on the left a little higher. They go from left to right in alphabetical order.
Another tip: to remember left and right for bread and drinks, think of P-A-E as the Ensemble P.
Your bread plate is on the left; A, your plate, is in the middle, and E, your water, is on the right.


The napkins

Finally, the towel will traditionally left the forks, although it is also ok to put it below, for a more chic meal like this one that takes up a lot of space, we will put it in the middle.

We are now ready to eat.
I hope these tips will help you
the next time you’re asked to help set the table
or take part in a classy meal.
Enjoy your meal !

Educate your Child without Yelling


My name is Lori Petro and I show you how to create teachable moments with your kids. Today’s question comes from Alex who told me how he is desperate to stop yelling at his kids. He doesn’t even

know how it got this bad but he feels like he yelled all day long and it’s really the only thing that works. He wakes up every morning promising himself that he won’t yell because he knows it’s causing his kids to scream when they want  something but he doesn’t know what else to do. This is really harder than he thought it was going to be.

How can he stops the cycle of yelling ?

The first thing I want to say is congratulations on even knowing that this is a challenge for your and even recognizing it and wanting to change. Because I think that so many people don’t even realize the impact that their own reactions are having on their kids behavior so you should be proud of yourself for even taking that first step. I know how you feel because I myself come from a very long line of yellers. In fact, I have more than a few family members that who speak at a tone just a few decibels of a ear-splitting and the younger me was an honorary member of that Club for quite a few years. Then I am very familiar with it.

Yelling for me, it was also a challenge, it is for that reason I want to give you a couple of tips to stop the madness.

The first thing you want to do is start tracking when you yell. Each time you find yourself triggered in, where you want to go aheadand scream notice it and then go ahead and jot down.  You can keep a notebook close by and write down the most important details about the event to remember. If you don’t have time to investigate in that moment, then just write down as much as you need to remember or call the significance of the event. Therefore you can do some root-cause investigation later. You can note who was present, what happened, how did you feel in that moment, what feelings were present for you and how did the experience affect you. What did you need was to be heard, to be understood, to be respected, to feel acknowledged.

Knowing why you get triggered into yelling is the first step to the investigation process because yelling is a sign that we’reoverwhelmed and we’re needing to self-regulate before we can open up our  perspectives and see a new way out of our situation. We often avoid looking at our own motivations because when we lead with the left brain Rule Center focus we want to control and that usually means directing the external instead of investigating the internal.

How to find the root-cause?

To get to the root cause take that tracking sheet and start to notice what sets you off and when is there a pattern to your triggers ?

Is it a certain time of the day ? Is it the pressure maybe to get the day going or the exhaustion at the end of the day that triggers you ? Is there a memory that this trigger is linked which did you get yelled at when you were kid or feel like you weren’t able to safely express yourself when you were younger ?

It might be an explaination of when your kids don’t listen, you might be triggered into an emotional memory or maybe your body is craving the gas that it needs to go blood sugar or nutritional imbalances can easily affect your tolerance to stress and your ability to cope.

I had a client track her child’s triggers and she returned to class the next week to say that they now meet conflict with a hard-boiled eggs. She never would have known had she not investigated her child’s behaviors a little more deeply that those negative behaviors were actually linked to a protein deficiency. Now once you have awareness of your yelling and your habits and your patterns the next step is to give yourself the time to fall down and the space to breathe. It’s not easy you’re gonna yell you’re going to be overwhelmed and sometimes you may overextend yourself and to your breaking point so be kind to yourself when you fall off that yelling wagon. You won’t do any better if you punish yourself for messing up and at the same time, take some personal responsibility when you feel yourself getting triggered that is the time to stop and breathe

Just breathe, don’t talk as long as no one is in danger or getting hurt. I want you to just be a yogi master.

Shut your eyes  breathing in the breath of ignite if you breathe through your first reaction to conflict will be less likely to lose control of your impulses which might lead you to want to scream and yell. You know it’s likely that your kids or even other people are going to give you practice yelling or being offended but if you’re willing to take some time to be conscious of your actions. You’re going to be able to create a new pattern and head it in that direction that you really want.

My final step is to know where you want to go what exactly do you want if you’re not going to yell anymore. You must have a plan when you feel like yelling. You don’t just try and talk to yourself out of it or look away or run away. You have to engage your senses breathe through and use some sensory tools and so your thinking brain comes back online and then decide what you want next. How do you want to feel and take some action steps to move towards that feeling meeting your own needs on your own terms instead of demanding that others change ?

You can feel better yelling.

It comes from powerfully intense feelings, perhaps connected to a need to be recognized, to be valued, to be heard, to be considered, to feel in control those powerful emotions.

It requires that you take an honest look at why you yell and how you would actually like to express yourself. What you really want to experience regardless of how you want other people to act on your behalf.

When we can take a look honestly and express what we would like without making others responsible for our emotions then they are more inclined to willingly contribute to our needs because we have shared without making it a threat to their own sense of purpose or dignity or to what they want.

Then Alex that was my teachable moment for you I hope that you feel encouraged to investigate a little deeper the root-cause of your own yelling and take control of the situation without feeling like you’re losing control.

How to train your pet with the proper behaviour indoors.

If you think as I do that modern science based training is important you are reading the good article about pet trainning. I’ve learned that there are a few core principles that will help you teach your dog regardless of what you’re trying to teach them.

Observing your dog’s behaviour

First and foremost you should focus on training your dog from the inside out and what I mean by this is rather than making your dog do something by forcing them say using a pinch collar to discourage your dog from pulling. You should try to make your dog want to do something like motivating your dog to want to stay with you rather than pulling ahead so that the behavior emerges from the inside out.

To teach your dog not to pull on a leash don’t expect a compliant dog once those collars come off patches are no substitute for proper dog training.  Let’s see if you can leave it the outside in approach can sometimes be toxic to the bomb that you’re trying to build and it’s usually less pleasant for your dog and the bond is the next essential cornerstone of training when you focus on building trust respect and understanding with your dogs.

I defect so how do you bond with your dog well start by playing with them fewer things accelerate a bond faster than play take care of their needs and be kind patient and empathetic every step of the way and offer a lot of whoa learning to communicate always remember that we made dogs that were good at taking direction from and coexisting with us. They have a very special ability to understand humans so while it can take some time to establish fluent communication with your dog,

Signals and words to teach your dog

It will happen if you’re committed start with the eyes dogs naturally look at our eyes to gather lots of information about us and as you get to know your dogs you’ll learn a lot about them from looking at their eyes to communication. There is a two-way street get to know your dog signals as well. Then, if your dog appears a little bit more nervous, use a more delicate approach and if they’re excited maybe be more peppy and enthusiastic sometimes this will come naturally as you spend more time with your dogs or if they’re just kind of weird I’m going to use a weird approach with you focus on teaching them to be bilingual to use hand in verbal signals for everything you teach them.  He responded to a real subtle.

Lie down hand signal. Feel free to speak to your dog in complete sentences – and what’s the same way you might speak to a young child over time they’ll learn to understand you far more than you may have ever thought possible the more credit you give your dog’s the more they’ll rise to the occasion isn’t that right deviate be consistent now this is a big one you are so much more likely to have the well-behaved dog that you desire if you’re great at being consistent dog training basically boils down to this if the dog gets a positive outcome from a behavior that are likely to repeat it and if a dog gets an unfavorable outcome well they’re less.  There’s no need to use harsh corrections in that case just limit the access to the thing they want in this case. It’s a treat that’s all you have to do when your dog has something you don’t like you need to be there to show them what you do want them to do virtually every single time.

For example if your dog is jumping on a guess you need to be there to show them that you prefer that they sit instead and when your dog does something you do like you should be there to reward them and show them that they’re on the right track almost every single time during that first year of training control the environment improperly doing this is the most common mistake that I see the best way to curb bad habits is to keep them from becoming established in the first place if your dog is brand new to training attach them to you as often as possible and when you can’t have them attached to you make sure they’re in a place where undesired behaviors cannot occur.

The importance of exercise high-energy dogs are the most likely to cause issues for most people but the vast majority behavior problems can be eliminated with regular exercise and of course exercise just before training.

Be Healthy Mom and Dad

Get trained everyday as healthy parents

A four minutes workout that replaces one hour in the gym an exhausting workout in.

The gym doesn’t suit everyone and let’s be honest sometimes, we have no time for it. However, this is not an exercise to avoid exercise. Quick interval training is really effective due to its high pace. A large number of calories is burned in a short period.

Let’s try these five simple exercises that will take you just 5 minutes you don’t even need a stopwatch.

Exercise 1 

  • Squat
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider start crouching down pulling the pelvis back as if you want to sit on a chair
  • Crouch as low as possible keeping your back straight return to the initial position straining the leg and butt muscles
  • You need to repeat this simple exercise for only 60 seconds
  • Let’s give it a try here’s your minute losing weight in such problem areas as the legs buttocks and hips is probably the most prevalent issue in fitness
  • The beginner level exercises like squats are pretty effective and beneficial if you perform this exercise regularly every day your whole body will transform within a month
  • For this easy exercise you don’t need special equipment or gym membership you can perform it just about anywhere how are you doing there only a few seconds left
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 well done !

Exercise 2

  • Push-ups
  • Take the plank position with your arms straight
  • Your hands should be shoulder width apart and knees shoulders and feet are in one line
  • Slowly start lowering your body bending your arms and keeping elbows close to your body
  • Return to the initial position
  • For a start you should perform the exercise for at least 30 seconds
  • This exercise greatly works the pectoral muscles and triceps if you’re new to push-ups begin by doing them on your knees or while resting against a chair or sofa
  • How many can you do today let’s do ten more one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
  • That’s it great job

Exercise 3

  • Mountain
  • Climber the starting position is the same as in the previous exercise
  • Tincher abs lift the right leg and pull it to your chest
  • Your back and hips must be stiff go back to the initial position and do the same for the left leg
  • This exercise takes about 30 seconds
  • Take your time and watch your posture
  • This exercise will strengthen your stomach muscles and help you burn calories
  • Don’t push yourself too hard if you feel exhausted, take a break

Exercise 4

  • Lunges
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Hands at the waist take a big step forward with your left foot
  • The left should form at a right angle and the right knee should almost touch the floor
  • Go back to the starting position with a push from the forward leg
  • Repeat the exercise with your right leg
  • This exercise requires only one minute
  • Ready, go, place your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Hands are at the waist take a step forward with your left foot now go back to the starting position
  • Repeat the exercise with your right leg
  • Then do it for the left leg again
  • Then for the right one left right left right left again and the right one keep going until the time runs out
  • When doing this exercise it’s very important to keep your back straight

Exercise 5

  • Jumps
  • Place your arms beside your body
  • Jump up while spreading your legs to the sides and raising your arms above your head
  • Go to the initial position with a quick jump 45 seconds is enough for this exercise
  • Take the initial position
  • Relax your shoulder and neck
  • Get ready now go this exercise called jumping jacks forms a part of military training in the USA as it improves physical and aerobic endurance
  • Are you feeling your muscles burn that means you’re doing it right ?
  • Keep jumping for the remaining time
  • The workout should make you feel energized but not exhausted
  • So don’t overdo it in the beginning
  • Your muscles our huge favor

Here’s a summary of the workout that might be handy for you

  • Squats 60 seconds push-ups 30 seconds
  • Mountain climber 30 seconds
  • Lunges 60 seconds
  • Jumps 45 seconds

keep performing this set of exercises everyday at home or in your backyard and your body will transform within a month you’ve already taken the first step toward your dream body have you ever tried these exercises.