Baby toys : Sara and her children

Sarah talks to her baby benjamin to help him developping his brain 

I’m Sarah and this is my son Benjamin. Did you know that talking to your baby is one of the most important things you can do to help his brain develop ? Its truth, even though he doesn’t understand everything. I’m telling him his brain is making important connections every time we chat. So, I talked to him all the time. I’ll show you how I talked to Benjamin through everything. I do even the everyday stuff because it helps him learn new sounds and words. I look at him while I talk because seeing my expressions helps him understand how to communicate.

  • “Benjamin, would you like some scrambled eggs this morning?
  • mm-hmm, you want watch mama while I make them,
  • yeah ! all right first one was gonna crack the egg packet.
  • Do you hear that sound ?
  • Do you hear the cracking noise ?
  • Can you say crack ?
  • Good job buddy, that’s great. All right, now Mama’s going to mix mix mix and stir stir stir. You want to help me? yeah, yeah.
  • Can you stir that for Mama, mix, mix mix, stir, stir, stir. See mama
  • Put the yolks into the bowl and you stirred it around and now Mama’s going to pour it into the pan. Want to see watch mama pour it in the pan Benjamin ?
  • Would you like some berries while mama makes your eggs, berries, berries good job buddy.
  • Can you say berry ? Do you like strawberries yeah ? Strawberries are so delicious, aren’t they ? Don’t be afraid to use big words even if Benjamin doesn’t understand what I’m saying. He’s hearing new sounds and that’s really important.
  • I think your eggs are ready. Oh let’s pour him in a bowl, so you can have some yummy eggs. All right let’s put this back on the stove and let’s blow your eggs because they’re really really hot. Can you blow them with me ? Good job, thanks, buddy. Blowing on them makes them cooler, right, here you go, you can eat them now. They’re nice and yummy. Can mama have a bite of your eggs ? Oh Mama’s gonna eat

Listen to your baby, if he shows interest in something, tell him all about it and if he makes noises repeat them back to him. This will show him that you’re really paying attention. Then you can count your fingers with him while you wipe 8, 9, you’ll try chatting up your little ones.


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January 8th, 2018 by ebooklibris