10 top ways to play with a newborn

Being  a new mom,  I have to say that when my baby’s kind of newborn slumber started to wear off I was really kind of baffled as to how to play with him when he had a couple hours of wakefulness during the day.  You know obviously I wasn’t going to be playing checkers with him or you know building blocks cuz that was way too mature for him but I also wanted to interact with him and connect with him and yet I didn’t really know how to do that so. I put the question out to him, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and all the natural Mama’s got back with some phenomenal ideas and so thank you so much for taking the time out to contribute if you did.  And now I want to tell you the top 10 ways to play with your newborn.

How to play with your newborn

Your baby may look like a helpless fragile little person but he is growing learning and taking in the world around him. The best thing you as parents can do at this stage is to encourage and play with your baby to help his development.

They love faces so pulling and twisting your face and letting his fingers explore yours will become a favorite game. Babies also use their instincts all the time which is why when you put his head on your breast he will suck. Babies love to learn and take in more information at this stage in their lives than they ever will at this age. He can adapt to any language which is why it is important to talk to him all the time. He may not be able to understand the words you are saying but he can hear the sounds you make and is learning about expression emotion and the basics of communication when you speak.

Your baby loves to hear your voice no matter whether you can sing or not so sing to him as much as possible try nursery rhymes you remember from your childhood or tune into your favorite radio station and sing along uncurl newborn fingers and stroked each one gently up and down or tickle your newborn baby’s feet hands and under his chin. Babies don’t normally start to smile until around 6 weeks but he will still love tickling games try round and round the gun on the palm of his hand or this little piggy on his toes. Make as many different noises as you can when playing with your baby blow a raspberry on his stomach or make a quack-quack noise for a duck. Young babies love to stare at cop Mobile’s or the shapes which hang off. play gyms.  Next time you are giving her a bath safely splish splash the water across her skin making water sounds around her and give her lots of kisses and cuddles.


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January 9th, 2018 by ebooklibris