How to cook 6 delicous meals for your family.

Today we are preaparing a meal to using 10 ingredients and infact, to make six meals. We’ll go to this succes step by step to show you how 10 ingredients can make 6 meals, easy and simple.
You need :
– Ezekiel bread
– almond meal
– some kind of rice
– Ham
– chicken
– eggs pico de gallo lean ground
– beef and optional shredded
– cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese
Add to your list the baking sheet with tinfoil just to make it easier to clean off and use very thin pieces of chicken. That’s really important you can butterfly cut it if you don’t have thin chicken and it’s just a series of stacking ham and cheese on this chicken slices, you dip on an almond meal roll them up, put them on the baking sheet as so literally as simple as that, then you can bake at 425 for around 20 to 25 minutes but be sure you check on to make sure to cook through.
Cheese burger patties are just something I love to have in the fridge for when I’m really hungry and don’t feel like cooking anything
I like extra lean ground beef I usually choose 93 7 and then my select seasonings of choice are red pepper flakes chili powder salt and pepper and of course if you want you can add a little cheese a breathable is seriously one of the best on-the-go meals for me that can just easily be reheated again you can use the other half of the lean ground beef that you chose and season it up with what would be like taco seasoning so a lot a lot of chili powder red pepper flakes so pepper.
He caught me in my slipper is a little cooking but yeah then just ground that up and in a bowl combine your cooked drives your lean ground beef with seasoning cheese and pico de gallo this just to be a childhood favorite of mine.  Eggs in a basket you can use a cookie cutter or some sort of glass top container to cut a hole in the center of the toast get it in a pan with some coconut oil dip those eggs right in and unfortunately I overcooked mine a little bit but you can keep the yolk a little runny to dip the extra bread in egg scrambles are a favorite of mine for mornings when I don’t have a lot of time and I especially love that this one’s a little Mexican inspired with the ham cheddar cheese and pico de gallo.
I also like that adding in ham provides extra protein for the day of panini the best comfort food this fall this one is ham and Swiss and I don’t have a panini maker so a great substitute is just to put a little coconut oil on the pan and another heavy pan on top to push it down.
There you have it, six totally different meals using just ten ingredients that cost less than $35 at the grocery store and for those looking who are wondering kind of how to put these recipes and meals all together into a healthy eating plan that will help you get fit and lose some fat.

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February 1st, 2018 by ebooklibris