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The question for this article is can you ever be too old to learn to play the piano? A question asked to Robert Esthern who is a world wide known piano player.
Robert’s answer 
I deal with a lot of people who call me about looking for a teacher or looking for a piano and usually the typical situation is a family wanting to get a piano for their kids. What is better way to inspire your children to learn to play the piano?
But you may wonder can you learn maybe?  You’re too old or maybe you finally have enough time and you want to learn to play the piano and you’ve always wanted to.  Can you learn as an adult?  how long does it take to learn how to play the piano? These are all very good questions? One of the things, you should know about the piano that is really unique is the fact that you could have a complete musical experience all by yourself. You coulds try it with a flute or a trombone. It is not so easy. There’s very little music written solo music that doesn’t at least have a piano in it.
For other instruments but the piano is a wealth of music then once you develop a little proficiency, people will love you to play with you whether you’re jamming blues with friends or you
develop some reading ability. Maybe you can play at school or church and people will enjoy having you around where you can play even a little bit. Then how do you approach a thing like that.
Recommendations for learning fast how to play piano 
First, you have to get an instrument that you enjoy playing because you’ve got an old keyboard or a rickety old piano that doesn’t sound good you may not stay with it. Secondly having a good teacher can be an inspiration and can save you countless hours in achieving a higher level of performance. Then it is highly recommended to seek out a tacher for your progress. Thinking of my own process, I’ve been playing since I’m a young boy and I studied with my father Morton Estrin who’s also a concert pianist. Indeed, I still practice every day and my father practices as well. It’s not like you ever achieve. I now play the piano. It’s an ongoing process that you could enjoy for the rest of your life and no matter what level you’re at you can always
Learn more and there’s vast amount music of all different styles. No one should be afraid to be capable to learn a skill. Everybody can learn the piano, it’s just a matter of spending the time. Things will be hard for you and other things will come very quickly because there’s so many things that are encompassed in learning to play the piano. From the mechanical of the fingers to a sense of rhythm, pitch memorization. It all enters into the equation so don’t be afraid to jump right in,  get yourself the nicest instrument and a good teacher and go for it. I encourage it strongly, it could bring great joy for you and the people around you.

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January 8th, 2018 by ebooklibris