How to create a command center.

I’m a busy mom of four, I’m constantly looking for ways to stay organized so that’s why when I found out about this family command center idea, I couldn’t wait to try it. In this article you’d answer to the questions why you might want to make one. How I’m using the one that I made and where you can set more information if you want to make your own so stay tuned.
 Create your own command center
First, what is a command center?
For me a command center is more than just a place to put your keys or drop off your mail. When I think of the word command it makes me think of something or someone that gives direction instructions and tells you what to do. That’s exactly what I wanted, my family command center to do. I like to use my family’s command center as a central place to keep track of the systems and schedules that I use in my home. It’s not just for me to look at it’s for everyone in the family so you can all stay organized and on track.
Where could you set it up?
Family command centers come in all shapes and sizes and what’s great about them is you can totally customize it to your specific needs. Some families like to keep their command center on the side of their fridge while others might want to put it in a mudroom or an entryway of their house. Basically you can put your family command center anywhere that your family can see it and use it. In my house the side of a fridge just wasn’t enough space for all the things I wanted to keep track of and we actually don’t even have a mudroom. Then what I decided to do is put my command center on the inside door of my office closet. It’s a nice central location in my house but the good thing about putting it on a door is family or friends come over.  I could easily close the door and not everybody needs to know what my family schedule and routines are.  I can just put it away. As I said each family command center is going to be a little bit different depending on the family.
What do you have in a command center?
what I have in my command center : my weekly cleaning schedule, a family calendar, my kids morning routine and my kids bedtime routine, o’clock for staying in time. I’ve also included sticky notes, a shopping list and a place to keep a writing utensil then I never have to go searching for a pen when I need to write something on account. Because my command center is on the back of a door, I didn’t really want to drill into the door or put any permanent holes in the door.  What I did was I went to the local store and I picked up an oil drip pan. These are meant to go under your car. It’s basically just a big sheet of metal I had my husband drill two holes in this pan and then I use some over the door hooks to hang it to
the door. Then I glued magnets I found in the craft section of the shop onto the back of each of the components. I can change the layout of my command center at any time with a magnet. I’ve attached my routines and schedules to a clipboard therefore I can easily change it out whenever my routine or schedule needs to change.
The clipboards lanyards sticky notes and pen holder all came from the local Dollar shop. I also included a calendar a clock and this cute sign to remind me to smile.  Some other things you could add to your command center include a place to keep your keys. A place to put down mail and your menu plan for the week. Since my command center is not in the kitchen or in the entryway I decided not to include these but you definitely could.

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December 2nd, 2017 by ebooklibris