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You decided to create your business online from home then you do need to have a journal and an agenda always by your side. A business journal could be a blank book or a notebook as long as you can have a piece of paper to write down your ideas and your notes. An agenda is the first tool to organize your precious time. Working at home gives you a great opportunity to work on your own shift but it means you’ll have to set up schedules. Let me show you why those two tools are inherent to your new activity, to your new life and success.

Writing down your project and your plans

The first thing what makes your dream becomes real is to write it down on a piece of paper. When you have done that very first step, your ideas are real and you can visualize what could be your dream in front of you. It is a crucial step to your success because you’ll write everything you think, dream to make understand your audience every day from now. Then the choice of your notebook is a very important one. Take your time to choose it. You have links to Amazon to buy it or to DIY with the free PDF offered by this website.

Optimizing your precious time instead of wasting your days

The time is the tool you must utilize with the fear to waste it. Every single hour is worth to build up your project so don’t spoil just one of them. It is the reason why your agenda would become in a few days your best partner. You can choose your agenda schedules by days, weeks or months as long as it suits you. The goal is to report all your tasks and make sure you do all of them and do not forget any of them as well.

All kind of journals and agendas

Here bellow, there are examples of journals and agendas you can buy or do-it-yourself.

Buy an agenda on Amazon

AgendaIME PRODUCTIVITY & MANAGEMENT AGENDA- Yearly & Monthly goals organizer with yearly, monthly and weekly reflections, with additional pages added. Mind map, yearly overview (calendar of 2018-2019) & contact page, daily Gratitude column. Monthly and daily goals TO-DO list, which help you manage your life efficiently and achieve your goals perfectly. Motivational quotes on the fly page, stimulate your enthusiasm.

Agenda; 1 five-year planner for 2019 to 2023. The cover is high gloss finish; inner pages are printed on high-quality durable paper. Perfect bound to secure pages for the next five years and beyond.

Buy your journal on Amazon

Business Journal is High-quality PU leather cover in good craftsmanship, strong toughness, durable and waterproof

Business JournalThis Romano Journal represents good value using recycled leather and natural materials with virtually no environmental impact and retains that natural leather smell.

Business Journal:  UNIQUE ARTISAN HANDCRAFTED – This Leather Journal Notebook is artisan handcrafted from flexible & durable thick crazy horse leather with meticulous care, each journal is unique and no two are exactly alike.

DIY agenda and journal

if you want to with the gift from Being a beginner you need help and it is how we give a hand to all new marketer online from home. You can download the interiors (PDF file) of one agenda and one journal. You can create the cover on Powerpoint or on landscape (free) to customize your book.

DIY your journal interior

DIY your agenda interior 


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