The appropriate toy for each age

For an introduction to the matter of choosing a toy for each age, let me talk to you about Gillian Miller. She has her hands full with playtime. Her four children have lots of toys and she wants to make sure nothing goes wrong.  They’re always monitored. It’s important to her because she doesn’t want them to get hurt or if they happen to find something that’s a smaller part and put it in their mouth.  The forcing safe play at toy time is not too hard when you only have one child to worry about but with more kids, come more problems, difficulty that happens is that you may make your house failsafe as far as toys are concerned and then as the baby grows older. It’s two or three or four getting to the next step then  another baby comes up.

Toys that the four-year-old is playing with the one-year-old can get into and that’s where the difficulties occurred. One step to safe play is making sure your toddler’s toys are kept separate from those belonging to an older brother. Sister could use separate toy boxes and you put some space between the children’s play areas but pediatrician Gilbert Martin says that’s not really enough. He calls constant parental supervision the key to safe play and yes he understands that if you don’t supervise the children the four-year-old is gonna very oftentimes give that toy to the one-year-old so what’s the difference between toys for babies and those for older kids if the toy is such that any piece of it can get into the baby’s mouth that’s not a problem here’s something most of us parents are familiar with age-appropriate labels on toy boxes. Some toys are even labeled choking hazard a lot of research has gone into these labels so they’re a very good guide but as usual nothing replaces parental common sense. Gillian usually trusts the age label but not always where this should be for a two-year-old, it says four. You get a surprise but it’s rare. Some toilets try to help parents by giving both a minimum and a maximum age but here again be careful some children are age appropriate right in the middle and others are on either side of that range. So when it comes to choosing toys for your child keep these rules in mind check age labels, use separate toy boxes for kids of different ages, supervised playtime exercise common sense and one final rule if a toy breaks or begins coming apart throw it away.

There’s one toy Dr. Martin completely disapproves of for children of any age, He believes parents who let their children play with toy guns are asking for trouble. what then happens is that when a real fight is available they may think it’s a toy and that’s where summer Gillian Miller agrees toy guns are banned from her house. What is useful for a toy gun nothing they’re going to point it at something or someone and I don’t believe in that guns aside there are thousands of safe entertaining toys that are appropriate for children of every age but before you blow your budget on the latest greatest toy for your tot, keep in mind that your child’s favorite toy is likely to be the one he can play with, with you.


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