How to train your pet with the proper behaviour indoors.

If you think as I do that modern science based training is important you are reading the good article about pet trainning. I’ve learned that there are a few core principles that will help you teach your dog regardless of what you’re trying to teach them.

Observing your dog’s behaviour

First and foremost you should focus on training your dog from the inside out and what I mean by this is rather than making your dog do something by forcing them say using a pinch collar to discourage your dog from pulling. You should try to make your dog want to do something like motivating your dog to want to stay with you rather than pulling ahead so that the behavior emerges from the inside out.

To teach your dog not to pull on a leash don’t expect a compliant dog once those collars come off patches are no substitute for proper dog training.  Let’s see if you can leave it the outside in approach can sometimes be toxic to the bomb that you’re trying to build and it’s usually less pleasant for your dog and the bond is the next essential cornerstone of training when you focus on building trust respect and understanding with your dogs.

I defect so how do you bond with your dog well start by playing with them fewer things accelerate a bond faster than play take care of their needs and be kind patient and empathetic every step of the way and offer a lot of whoa learning to communicate always remember that we made dogs that were good at taking direction from and coexisting with us. They have a very special ability to understand humans so while it can take some time to establish fluent communication with your dog,

Signals and words to teach your dog

It will happen if you’re committed start with the eyes dogs naturally look at our eyes to gather lots of information about us and as you get to know your dogs you’ll learn a lot about them from looking at their eyes to communication. There is a two-way street get to know your dog signals as well. Then, if your dog appears a little bit more nervous, use a more delicate approach and if they’re excited maybe be more peppy and enthusiastic sometimes this will come naturally as you spend more time with your dogs or if they’re just kind of weird I’m going to use a weird approach with you focus on teaching them to be bilingual to use hand in verbal signals for everything you teach them.  He responded to a real subtle.

Lie down hand signal. Feel free to speak to your dog in complete sentences – and what’s the same way you might speak to a young child over time they’ll learn to understand you far more than you may have ever thought possible the more credit you give your dog’s the more they’ll rise to the occasion isn’t that right deviate be consistent now this is a big one you are so much more likely to have the well-behaved dog that you desire if you’re great at being consistent dog training basically boils down to this if the dog gets a positive outcome from a behavior that are likely to repeat it and if a dog gets an unfavorable outcome well they’re less.  There’s no need to use harsh corrections in that case just limit the access to the thing they want in this case. It’s a treat that’s all you have to do when your dog has something you don’t like you need to be there to show them what you do want them to do virtually every single time.

For example if your dog is jumping on a guess you need to be there to show them that you prefer that they sit instead and when your dog does something you do like you should be there to reward them and show them that they’re on the right track almost every single time during that first year of training control the environment improperly doing this is the most common mistake that I see the best way to curb bad habits is to keep them from becoming established in the first place if your dog is brand new to training attach them to you as often as possible and when you can’t have them attached to you make sure they’re in a place where undesired behaviors cannot occur.

The importance of exercise high-energy dogs are the most likely to cause issues for most people but the vast majority behavior problems can be eliminated with regular exercise and of course exercise just before training.


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