5 ways to find a niche to start your business online NOW!

A niche is a kind of product you’ll find on Google, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and why not Amazon to set up your business online from home with success.  It means products which convert visitors into customers for you to generate an income. You could sell anything or multiple types of product but it won’t get you anywhere because you won’t gather subscribers to convert visitors into customers. Your visitors won’t understand your purpose and therefore they won’t identify you. The context of trust you want to set up won’t settle.  So, let me give you 5 tips to find that precious niche and end up with a regular income.

1 Be inspired by your passion

Go and dig into your passion to find ideas because you’ll be working all day trying to convince your visitors to click on links to visit a landing page and do actions at least before they buy your products. Your passion is also something you master and it helps when you have to talk about a subject you know.

2 find a practical idea to answer to your needs

When you are sure about the passion you want to explore on the web you need to check the trends on the internet. That means you must verify if there is a real need from the audience to be worth it. Then you must check the social media trends and if you have chosen to sell Amazon products then check the “best sell” adds to your keywords.

3 open the door to an artistic project

If you have a creative project you can use the platform to check your keywords as Etsy. For instance, you want to sell jewelry on Etsy shop.   Selling your own creations or others would ask you to have a stock of products ready to sell and send to the customer when ordered. So get organized before you start your promotion.

4 explore a field you don’t know

You can open your mind and ideas to a completely new world of products. It will take more time to offer to your audience the products because you’ll have to train yourself in the first place. But if you feel more comfortable discovering new fields, do not hesitate.

5 become an affiliate marketer and sell others’ products

Instead of making yourself your own design or craft you can sell other’s products becoming an affiliate marketer. You all know the best place for affiliate program as amazon associate or Clickbank. They both offer a wide range of products selected in the finest niche of the internet (wealth, health, financial, employment). You have a very good program from Clickbank which allows you to deal with different websites and sell on mostly with all the main niches already known. It is called My CB Genie. Coming with your subscription you have 24 premade websites with pictures and 20 articles each. You only need to do the promotion through your favorite social media. A complete guide is given which explains how to set up the system very clear and easy. You only need to follow the process.



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November 21st, 2018 by