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Hi all of you,
Today I’ve been listening to stories on Instagram about women and men looking for a real situation online. They have skills and talents in what they do but there is no job suitable and they want to find a solution on the Web. They are very aware of the time and waiting they need until their clients’ phone every day for orders. They want to take a chance to work for good by themselves and find a solution with hope. They asked me if I could have any ideas of who they could contact. and I thought about a website everyone knows FEVERR. I do know it is quite difficult to set up your profile and gigs but when it”s done you only have to wait for orders.
What do you need to start with FIVERR?
You need your skills obviously like
– Graphics and design
– Digital Marketing
– Writing and translation
– Video and animation
– Music and audio
– Programming and Tech
– Business 
– Fun and lifestyle
As you can see you must find a service to offer as an independent. The gig is a tool for you to introduce yourself and show what you can do for the people who want to hire a freelance. From that page, you give your conditions and the way you work to give the best service to people.
I am a VA Pinterest to help professionals to set up traffic with their website on Pinterest. I ‘m still an affiliate marketer on the other side.
Fleur Valtremont
I wish you a very sunny day and all the best as an entrepreneur
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October 30th, 2018 by ebooklibris