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November 21st, 2018 by ebooklibris

Working in the fashion industry is a very tempted creation to do with a business online from home. You love fashion and accessories you can see on the web. But being a customer is very different from becoming a professional in the fashion field. The business is huge and you can sell numerous items in an endless number of categories. The hard point is to pick up items on trend at the right moment. So, you need to manage a niche gathering different kind of categories as fashion for men or for women or for children. Then you can choose to promote accessories, clothes or shoes for your main category. Keep in mind that is very difficult to sell when you spread apart trying to reach all kind of audience. Choose one or the other and become a reference for your visitors. You can hope to convert much better and faster

If you choose women fashion niche

You have decided to settle your activity in women fashion. Your choice is excellent but to work with that niche you need to know quite a few tips. There is a huge quantity of fashion platforms for women. They sell tones of items. You better stick with the best of them. To do so, open your Google browser and search for “best fashion website”, for instance. You’ ll get links to the most popular websites. Follow your style and choose one of them to start as an affiliate member. You have to open an Instagram account to show your selections and of course a Pinterest account. Pictures sales much better than long articles.  If you have the dream to sell your own collections then create a blog and start to show to your audience your creations.

Men fashion niche needs specialists

An excellent choice because men fashion is a growing business on the internet waiting for good marketers. Men are looking for good quality items when they search on the internet. They could be long-lasting customers if you offer products in that way.  It’s important for them to find pieces of advice about different fashion styles and learn how to be elegant and attractive. So be creative, writing articles about men fashion style, and men cosmetics as well.

Children fashion niche: being creative every day

Our sweet babies and kids do need to have their own website for fashion. In our days they want to be up to date quite early being a girl or a boy. The children audience asks for new ideas and items as often as you can. Don’t forget to check ideas from Youtube Kids where you find the main trends for children from 0 up to 12 years old.

The must-have tools to create your niche in fashion and links

You understood reading the article that it is not enough to find the good items wanted by your audience you also need to set up a context to sell building a relationship in trust with your customers. For ending up to that kind of result and make a regular income you must have tools to help you.

  • open a free account on Facebook
  • open a free account on Instagram
  • Create a free channel on YouTube and be patient to upload a video almost every day
  • Buy or get for free a domain name
  • Write a blog
  • Choose your items on Clickbank or Amazon
  • Start to build your mailing list for selling

There is also a very good affiliate platform from ClickBank which can make work for you the best niches on the internet. MyCB Genie offers you 25 premade websites when to buy the premium offer for life. The whole lot of websites are made to answer the audience about the finest items they are looking for on the internet.  You won’t need to write one single article for starting because all the website has 20 articles each and pictures as well. You only need to follow the instructions with the guide and install the system in your Word Press website.

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November 1st, 2018 by ebooklibris
Hi followers,
This evening I’m wondering what social media could bring to a business online.
Honestly,  social media is the tool which makes the system of your business working. It is the traffic tool of your business. So it is the reason why you do need to know how to use it. Truly, it is not easy to understand how  social media is going to help you at the first use. Maybe you already use one for a personal purpose but as a professional the job is différent.
Let’s go through different kind of social media to help you to choose the one the most appropriate for you and your business.
Face Book
it is the first one to give you a capacity of reaching a huge amount of visitors in a week and for a very little money with the ad system and your daily presence, of course. If you post a feed every day + a post on your blog + a video + an audio + tweets + infographics and descriptions, you should set up a good traffic within 90 days. It is how you understand the practical side of the internet which helps creativity to be at the front.
It is linked to facebook. You have to take in consideration that instagram is made to share pictures fast and with the biggest number of people possible. You can share 12 pictures every 2 hours to expect followers daily at least twice a day. You can also download the app on your phone but on your computer as well. You have a google app which allows you to post pictures and videos.
I don’t tweet much when a lot of marketers get their main revenue from twitter. You have to know that a post twice a day is much better than a single one because of a tweet last 6 hours on tweeter.
The wisdom of infographics where you give ideas and share others ideas with your community. Pinterest is a search engine and you can consider that your infographics last 4 months. You can make very high traffic and fast with a daily pinning.
You need to get organized before you get any results with youtube. It is easy and fast to post a video and spread it over the youtube community. Before you have to record your videos on a daily basis to see such a result. You must have around 100 videos online to hope a traffic on youtube. It is a very strong and powerful social media but it is not the easiest to conquer when you start to work online.
Google Business
A very easy way to be sure to appear on google. You follow the link from your google account and you open your shop or your service account to show to google community what is your business and how you can help them.
Your words are meaningful and you can share it with a different audio website not only with FB or tweeter. You open a free account and you start to record your episodes about your subject. You can even record a conversation with different participants.
A good partner to buy and administrate a website. As a professional, you need a domain name and a blog to show your work day after day in a place where anyone can find you. It is also the place where you make grow your client list. A client list is yours and if one day Click Bank ends your client list remains yours. You can then start with a different partner anywhere else
For conclusion, your business online must be a place where your visitors and clients would understand and get informed about your services. You need a blog and a community on social media. To choose one or the other you must ask yourself which is the easiest for you to manage practically. If you like pictures and videos then choose Pinterest and youtube or instagram. If you like writing a post then choose facebook or tweeter. The most important to understand is social media is a tool for you to be where your clients are..
Hoping I gave you good tip for new marketers
With all my love and my support for your success
Fleur Valtremont
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October 29th, 2018 by ebooklibris
                When a marketer friend told me he doubled his traffic on pinterest in only 3 weeks. I didn”t believe him. Like everyone, I thought Pinterest was a search engine for women who wanted ideas for the next handbag they wanted to buy online.
                Time has changed and Pinterest is now a great place to build up a traffic and a reputation as a marketer and it is fast and free.
The place is not yet known so it is the right time to set up and make grow your client list.
                   Performing everyday for 30 minutes, you should bring  regulary to your website new followers. The great advantage is that you don’t need to invest in ads to start high traffic.
                    Pinterest constantly analyses results and changes its politics quite often. So you have to subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed about the changes.
                 You can boost a product with only one pin easily and fast. The help center is resourceful to understand how to start. You can mix Pinterest with Tailwind for getting feedback on a single pin and then know your visitors better. You then build your avatar and reach more clients. You have to know that the analyzer and the search engine work both with the social media Instagram.
Fleur Valtremont
I wish you a very good day on Pinterest
open a free account on Pinterest 
open a free trial account on Tailwind
Open a free acount on instagram
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